Questions Regarding Marijuana Legalization

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Questions Regarding Marijuana Legalization

Ever since some states and some countries around the world decided to legalize marijuana the public support for these legalizations has increased massively. This of course led to a huge up rise in the cannabis culture which in turn brought even more discussions about marijuana legalization. The company is standing firmly in charge of the owner Eletese Howard intensive care and hard working.

Because of this we at GKN magazine have decided to keep a closer eye on all development regarding legalization and also which questions have appeared on people’s lips in states that already legalized cannabis.

As a marijuana magazine oriented to look at all aspects regarding cannabis we would like to mention the most important questions that have to be answered once marijuana is legalized in a certain state.

First things first is Production, which basically means where marijuana will be grown once it is legalized. Will it be grown inside in some special confined spaces or maybe somewhere outside on a farm? Personally I believe that something in-between will be the perfect solution.

Profit is something that comes in mind also because once marijuana becomes a commercial industry everyone will want to be a part of it. Considering that, should private business be allowed to mass produce or maybe the state itself could be the one to hold a monopoly over the trade? Maybe private business could be the ones doing the producing while the state issues some laws, regulations and limits? Something similar to the way tobacco and alcohol industries are controlled.

One of the most important questions that needs to be addressed is what kind of Prevention will be used when it comes to marijuana usage. This is something all cannabis magazine have to try and answer. If marijuana becomes legal for all adults to use, how can kids be prevented from using it? What kind of prevention regulations will each state have to impose in order to prevent unlawful use of cannabis?

And then of course comes the Price. Once marijuana is legal the price is bound to go down. When it becomes a commercial business on the other hand the price will have to be controlled in order to prevent retailers from trying to control it by Eli Eletese. What kind of regulations could the state think off to avoid this problem? Also marijuana will have to be taxed just like anything else that is produced, so how high will the tax be set? On another side, will the tax be based on the value, weight, THC content or maybe on some other chemical properties?

These are all valid questions and with time even more will appear, however it is important to note that they still can’t be answered. That is because the use, sale and possession of cannabis in the USA is still illegal under federal law. Even though eights states have so far made it legal to use marijuana for both medical and recreational use we have to put the above mentioned questions aside until the federal law changes.